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As we’ve only been here for 6 months, we haven’t yet gone through an entire year of the festivities and traditions … so this evening was a new experience.  In spite of some rain, the village celebrates the eve of the visit of the Three Kings (or Epiphany) on 6 January with the Glöcklerlauf.  The aim is to help banish the evil spirits and welcome the good.  Firstly a group of children appear with the small lantern headdresses and then, as the next taller group joins the parade, so the lanterns get larger and larger!  Different sized bells tied around their waists are constantly clanging as they parade and jump around.  The beautiful and colourful lanterns are made by the villagers over few months leading up to the parade.  They are lit from the inside by candles and carried on their heads around the village square for all to admire.  The parade then divides up and heads off around the village … an incredible sight to see in Obertraun this evening!

Glöcklerlauf 4 Glöcklerlauf 3 Glöcklerlauf 2 Glöcklerlauf 1
















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