Early morning cycle ride to Hallstatt …

Totally inspired by one of our lovely guest's amazing pictures - there followed a VERY early (ūüėĪūü§©) pre-sunrise cycle ride to Hallstatt, the very next day!!

Here are ‚Äča ‚Äčcouple of pictures from this wonderful early morning adventure

‚ÄčIt can be pretty busy in Hallstatt - but, pre-dawn, the crowds have not yet arrived - and you can 'almost' have Hallstatt to yourself.  

‚ÄčThere were a few other dedicated / early photographers (including a professional photographer with a bride in her white gown, and her groom in front of the famous Hallstatt church view) - but it was peaceful, relaxing and altogether a worthwhile trip!

20 Photos to inspire you to travel to Austria!


Photo Opportunities in Austria

Guests and visitors to our region are overwhelmed with stunning photo opportunities.¬† And of particular interest is nearby Hallstatt.¬† Many guests from the UK have not heard of this ancient, picturesque village clinging to the hillside – and yet for guests from further afield, it’s a ‘must see’ location, along with Vienna and Salzburg.

Click below and take a quick look at the following photos / article – showing what’s photographically possible during the month of October!

Byrne Photography – Austria – Resource Travel

Arriving in Austria and seeing delightful Hallstatt

Passing by Hallstatt - soon to be our neighbouring village
Passing by Hallstatt – soon to be our neighbouring village

We have left the straight motorways and now find ourselves finding along the lake roads that will soon become familiar routes. ¬†Hallstatt looks delightful and we have to stop for a quick photo opportunity on our way past – even though we’re less than 4km to our new ‘home’!






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