Maypole in the village square


As with many local villages, Maypoles have been springing up all over the place … and we now have an impressive Maypole in the village square! It’s great to see the younger (and not so young!) men of the village working together.  They clearly had done this before … Firstly […]

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Keeping Obertraun Tidy!

Tidy Wheelbarrow on top of phone box

To encourage tidyness in the village there’s a tradition in Obertraun … which means that anything with wheels on, that is left outside overnight on Easter Sunday, may be removed and let’s say – ‘relocated’ – all in order to remind residents to ‘keep Obertraun tidy!’ Fortunately kind neighbours alerted […]

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Three Wise Men …


In Austria we are often asked ‘so, what is the mathematical equation written in chalk on your door’?  And to many people, this is a total mystery.  This year it’s 20 – C + M + B – 16 and we totally agree – it certainly does look like something […]

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