Krippenstein cable car ride (or walk!) to the first station – the Schönbergalm

The Krippenstein mountain, which rises up to over 2,000m behind Landhaus Lilly, is one of the big attractions when people visit our area. From our front door, you can arrive at the valley cable car station in just three minutes by car, or in 15 minutes if you are walking.  The cable car does not operate all year round, but is great for spring, summer and autumn hiking and for winter skiing and snow shoeing – click here for opening times.

There are actually three sections of the cable car … and the first cable car takes 60 people at a time up from the valley station to the first station, called the Schönbergalm.  This has amazing views of Lake Hallstatt, Obertraun and the surrounding area.  From here you can either continue your journey to the top of the mountains, or stay at this level enjoy guided tours of the Ice Cave and/or the Mammoth Cave.

Staying at this level to visit the caves, you need to book your place and register for the next guided tour, and then make your way to the cave entrance: the Ice Cave has 15 minute walk up hill to the cave entrance, and has approx 500 steps inside the cave; whereas the Mammoth Cave has a level walk to the cave entrance and is easier to walk around.

Information to help plan for the tours and answer some questions can be found here: Visiting the Ice Cave and Visiting the Mammoth Cave

For keen walkers, it is also possible to have a lovely walk to the Schönbergalm from Landhaus Lilly (or from the cable car station car park).  The pathway takes you on a zig-zag path beneath the cable car itself. (If you take the cable car and look out underneath, you can hardly think it would be possible to follow a path up this route!) But take a couple of walking poles with you, some water and after perhpas a couple of hours, you can happily reach the first cable car station on foot 😉

Most people will opt for the cable car ride … and here’s an idea of the view as you ascend to the first cable car station …

And here are a few photos I took on my walk from Landhaus Lilly up to the Schönbergalm …

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