Online Booking with ‘Freetobook’!

freetobook booking systemOnline booking has just become easier thanks to ‘Freetobook’!  Guests now have the opportunity of checking availability and booking online directly with us, via our website.

It’s obviously a big decision to entrust this imporant process to another company and – we’ve been delighted 🙂

The big added advantage for guests, is that we can now offer PROMO codes for returning guests to use – and receive special discounts!

It’s also easy for guests to see the calendar view for an overview of availability.  Alternatively, you can select a date and number of nights required and the availability and room costs are shown.

‘Freetobook’ also approached us to be a case study for their newsletter, where they asked us to share the experience of working with them.  Many of us have big ‘to do’ lists and once you get a job completed, you tick it off and it’s on to the next million and one other things waiting for your time and attention.  It was therefore also a great opportunity for us to stop and pause and appreciate how much value the new booking system can bring to our business.   As an added bonus, the process of being interviewed for the case study gave us the chance to thank them for their invaluable help and assistance (and patience!)

We did look at a number of other providers in our search for a booking system.  However for us there were a number of reasons we choose Freetobook.  I’d already signed up a couple of years prior for their newsletters and felt we’d already built up some ‘history’ with them.  They had a product people liked, which they were developing and enhancing over time, often taking feedback from existing customers.  We felt confident with their product.  The online video tutorials are great and it means you can learn at your own pace and in your own time.  We were fortunate also that before / during / after the process of signing up officially, we were quickly and efficiently supported by email (and occasionally on the telephone).  It’s so important to have this reassurance – as there are always one or two things that crop up that you’re not sure how best to handle.

So thank you Freetobook! – and we’re delighted to be included as one of your case studies.

Please click here to link to case study on Landhaus Lilly!


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