Three Wise Men …

ThreeWiseMenIn Austria we are often asked ‘so, what is the mathematical equation written in chalk on your door’?  And to many people, this is a total mystery.  This year it’s

20 – C + M + B – 16

and we totally agree – it certainly does look like something out of an algebra class (and brings back memories of not really understanding anything about it!)

However … after people start to guess at what it could mean, they may take a look at the numbers in the equation … and realise that the numbers actually relate to the year – so 2016.

Then … what about the letters … perhaps the title of this article gives it away?  it’s the initials of the names of the Three Wise Men (Caspar and Melchior and Balthasar)!  They come to sing a song and bring blessings to the house for the year.  In return they receive chocolates and sweets (to share with the other ‘Wise Men’ who are visiting other villagers) and a donation for local good causes.

So rather than being perplexed by memories of maths classes – you now know one of the mysteries of the universe 🙂


Three wise menThree wise menThree wise men




















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