Landhaus Lilly, Lake Hallstatt – On the telly … in Australia!

Wendy_KenWe were so delighted to meet Wendy and Ken, who visited recently from Australia.  What a fabulous couple!  They were excited to spend time in our lovely area nearby Lake Hallstatt and to explore the sights.

Wendy also mentioned that the reason they had sought us out specifically and had booked so far in advance was that they had seen us on the telly in Australia!  The TV programme, Escape to the Continent,  followed another couple from the UK who were thinking of moving to our region and set up a hospitality business.  At the time, we had only been up and running for 2 1/2 months so it was certainly in the early days!  We were experimenting and finding out what worked for us in running a new business together.  The programme wanted to show what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in a new B&B with insights that may be helpful to the potential new B&B owners.

During the original TV show we showed some rooms that we hadn’t yet renovated and it looked like a building site.  Over a year later we were able to show Wendy and Ken the totally remodelled room with its additional windows, separate shower room and brand new kitchen and seating area that we now rent as an apartment.

We’re hoping that we will see Wendy and Ken again one day – and very grateful that being ‘on the telly’ brought us together – how wonderful!!



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