Balloon Week – in Gosau

BalloonEve_Gosau6This week has been ‘Balloon Week’ in Gosau, a village located in the neighbouring valley, where we go to enjoy the skiing of the Dachstein West ski region.  Hot air balloons have been floating around Gosau during the day …  and we have even seen the balloons come over the tops of the mountains and float into our valley and on towards Lake Hallstatt.  They have had a good week weather-wise too … mostly beautiful clear blue skies, not too many clouds – and some sunshine as well!

This evening, at the end of Balloon Week, Gosau hosted an evening display of the bright and multi-coloured hot air balloons again … as balloons of various shapes and sizes stood out against the night sky.  At one point they even ‘waltzed’ (or perhaps more accurately gently ‘twirled around’) to music from Strauss – fabulous!

BalloonEve_Gosau1 - Copy (2)








BalloonEve_Gosau3 - Copy (3)











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