Removal lorry – ETA – 24 hours and counting!


Where has the time gone?  Who did this to our back bedroom?  How did we ‘suddenly’ get to 24 hours before the removal lorry arrives and still be the proud owners of an ever-expanding ‘to do’ list?  and how is it that there are still people (sorry!) that we haven’t yet managed to catch up with before we leave?  Perhaps the phrase ‘tempus fugit’ best explains it all!

Tasks today include packing up the rest of the house, organising what we take in the car with us (bedding for us and Leo the dog, food and drinks, paperwork …) and finalising the spreadsheet to show which items go into which rooms on which floor in the new house!

It’s all still a bit surreal – very bizarre – like it’s not really going to happen … in less than 24 hours …

But I think it could be happening … so just in case, we’d best get on 🙂


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