Still loads more to do … and then the water arrives!

Leo in puddles
Leo in puddles

The whole of Europe is flooded – including our new house!  The cellar is full to the ceiling and the remaining oil in the oil tank have now mixed with the water in the cellar – so it needs to be removed by contamination specialists.  Obviously, this is not great news when we’re supposed to be opening in a matter of weeks.  The boiler is totally kaput as well.  Everything needs drying out and hopefully it can be refurbished somehow … this is not cheap and has not budgeted for.

We arrived for a scheduled visit to Austria to review progress just days after the flood.  On arrival, we saw the tanker taking away the contaminated oily water.

This is the new pond in the garden a few weeks after the flooding.

1 thought on “Still loads more to do … and then the water arrives!”

  1. I had no idea!!!! that all this had happened to you before you got there. How awful.
    I had not read your Bloggs…basically i on’t know what they are. “Bloggs” that is. I know that they are a cousing of Twitts or twatts, but then I don’t know what they are either. Love Antonia.


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