Work marches on …


Work marches on … both for us in the UK … and for the builders in Austria …

There are decisions to make – what should stay and what should go?  We want to have a mix of the old and the new so we keep some heart in the building.  But much of it is too old or damaged to keep – so more skip fodder.

We select triple glazed windows – making new windows where there were once walls, blocking up other doors to make windows and moving doors and windows around.

We need to select a colour for our new home – decide on the best insulation and options for how this is put around the building (some inside, some outside).

There are bedrooms to plan, with the new en suite bathrooms to design and choose, new electrics with lights and socket placements all-important.  What about curtains, bedding, furniture, floor and wall coverings.  There are kitchens to design as well … the list seems endless – and we do much of it remotely whilst we’re still working in the UK.  It’s a busy time!

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